TH UV90 Corona Camera

TH UV90 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for overhead transmission lines and
high voltage substations

TH UV90 is an innovative NDT – Non Destructive Testing equipment, that detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Equipped with high sensitivity, the TH UV90 is a powerful tool to detect UV emission (Corona Effect)  in full daylight with high signals from far away and nearby sources.

  • High sensitivity to UV signals
  • Precise location of corona emitting sources
  • Auto focus of UV and visible channels
  • Back ground noise reduction
  • 5.7″ folding and touchable color LCD
  • Voice or LED UV events alarm
  • Rapid optical zoom of the visible channel
  • Videos & images capturing, recording and playback
  • Built-in GPS
  • UV events counter
  • UVSee report software for documentation

Image Type Monochrome video
Minimum UV Sensitivity 2.2 x 10-18watt/cm²
Minimum Discharge Detection 1.0pC @ 10 meters
Spectral range UV 240 ~ 280 nm
Field of View H x V 5.5° × 4.0°
Focus Full manual and auto for UV and visible channels
Focus distance 2m~∞
Detector Life Span No degradation
Frequency 50Hz

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