The TH-260G is integrated with 640 x 480 high resolution dual-field infrared camera, 30-fold 1080P full-HD output visible camera, 5 Km high-precision laser ranger and high-precision inertial navigation system.
Class leading image stabilization results in unprecedented image range performance for Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) of all targets. Our Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral images are optimized for the entire range of scene conditions; daylight to dusk, to complete darkness to ensure your mission success.

TH-260G Specifications

Type TH-260G
IR Camera
Detector Resolution 640×480
Wave Band 8~14um
Pixel Size 17um
Length of Focus 25mm/100mm 2FOV(F#1.0)
Frame Frequency ≥25Hz
FOV 24.9°×18.7°/6.2°×4.6°
Visible Light Camera
Detector Resolution 1920×1080
Length of Focus 4.3~129mm Continue Focus
Video Output Full high definition 1920×1080
Frame Frequency ≥25Hz
FOV 63.7°~2.3°(Deviation of horizontal direction = 5%);
Laser Range Finder
Max. Measurement Range ≥5Km(visibility≥15Km,target size ≥.3m×2.3m,target reflectivity≥0.2)

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