IVI640  is an intelligent medical diagnostics device superior to any other thermal imaging products in its class. Up to 307,200 IR pixels high resolution allows the users to pinpoint any overheating quickly and take accurate temperature measurement intuitively on a 5-inch 720P LCD display. The ergonomic rotating LCD and lens design makes it comfortable to ai m u p at any overhead components. Based on an open Android operating system design, it works not only as a thermal camera but also a mobile terminal for versatile application programs. Benefit from the Wi-Fi wireless communication capability, images and videos can be transferred to WiFi equipped mobile terminals for further analysis while the camera can also be commanded remotely by the mobile devices. The on board analysis report can also be printed instantly on a Wi-Fi printer. In all thermal imaging product range, the IVI640 PRO series is the best choice to offer most efficient and ultimate solution for all inspectional services.



Thermal Imaging detects heat and lack thereof. Cancer cells have a higher temperature than regular tissue because the growth of tumors increases blood quantity and flow. Both conditions increase heat where cancer is detected by our IVI640 infrared camera.

Thermal imaging detects increased heat on the skin which is a sign of cancer growth or presence of tumors in women’s breasts. Early detection is very much possible with the use of Infrared Cameras.

The study of highly sensitive infrared images of the human body or Thermology is completely non-contact and non-invasive without any form of radiation transmitted into the body.

Intelligent Android Operational System

As the first Android operation system based thermographic camera in its class, the IVI Series is easy to operate even for a first-time user. The operating logic is highly compliant with the traditional manner of common electronic Products. The online program update of IVI series becomes possible on the Android operation system.  With open resources, it also provides free of limitation to develop versatile application program by any capable programmers.

Flexible Ergomomic Rotating Desing 

With  a unique  rotating  lens design up to 70 °, you will no longer have to go down on your knees  when  you try to  capture  crisp thermal images  down  near the  ground  or high above your head. At the same time, the 270 ° rotating display ensures the touchscreen is always right in front of you for a clear view.  See how comfortable and easy it is to “get the shot” from any angle.


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