Center of Infrared Training

The CIT Group (Center of Infrared Training) and Thermocom, Inc. offer training, certification, inspection, and consulting services for IR professionals and their predictive maintenance programs worldwide.

The CIT Group offers Level I, Level II and Level III training & certification for infrared thermographers primarily involved in predictive maintenance.

Our principal endeavor is that participants:

  • Know and understand the foundations of the Infrared Theory
  • Learn to use the technology they possess and intertwine it with IR Technology to achieve an efficient performance on the field.
  • Know the essential elements that an infrared report must have, to be able to use it in daily applications.
  • Know the principal elements of some existing Softwares on the market.
  • Know a wide variety of applications and learn important implications of active Thermography.
  • Dominate the theoretical concepts, which allow Thermographers

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