CI384s Infrared Camera

CI384s Excellent thermal image and high accuracy temperature measurement CI384s is the third generation thermal imaging system product. With cutting-edge infrared technology, including high sensitivity IR detector and ergonomic design, it is the ideal choice for professional thermographers to have the most efficient instrument for maintenance inspections.  

TE Series Infrared Camera

TE series is a special low cost real-time IR camera in a 160 x 120 resolution pattern. It combines the traits of economical, practical, and portable in an IR camera. The camera symbolizes easy-to-use, standard and professional, designed and developed for those applications that need instant infrared troubleshooting in power plants, petrochemicals, R & D, firefighting, building inspection, metallurgy, etc.

TH326/TH733 Infrared Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera TH326 with a high thermal sensitivity of 65mk can identify the smallest temperature difference from the object and display it by excellent thermal images. These cameras can locate the overheated / overcooled object instantaneously, and more details about the fault can be found by using our professional Thermal Imaging Analysis Software.

TH4/TH8 Infrared Camera

Newly released by Thermocom, Inc. the TH series, using a new ergonomic design concept, are the kind of handheld IR Thermal Imaging Camera designed for Electric & Industrial predictive maintenance with detectors of 160 x120 and 384 x 288 pixels. TH4/TH8 displays great IR images through a convenient 3.6″ touch screen LCD at your fingertips.

TH3/TH7 Infrared Camera

TH3/TH7 new portable infrared thermal imaging cameras with two meters drop-resistant

The TH3/TH7 are newly designed handheld infrared cameras with resolutions of 160 x 120 and 384 x 288 respectively.

TH640 Infrared Camera

TH640 is a creationary,advanced and intellective infrared camera provided by Thermocom, Inc.

Utilizing the latest generation high-performance IR detector with 640×480, the camera not only offers extraordinary high resolution…

V640 Infrared Camera

V640 New! – Radiometric video recording

Thermocom, Inc. is a highly recognized manufacturer of infrared cameras, systems and softwares, the V640 has been successfully and widely applied in many countries and has gained reputation for stable performance and golden service.

V384/V384S Infrared Camera

Improved on the most advanced IR package available now, integrating multiple technologies never used in the industry, V384 is another ingenious solution Thermocom, Inc. provides for professional IR thermographers around the world.

NV384 Infrared Camera

NV384 is a High-End Infrared Camera of the NV Series

NV384 is a high end infrared camera by Thermocom, Inc. The NV series is a rugged and ergonomical design, it is robust and shock-resistant for any tough working enviroment.

The 3 button design and navigation interface allows users skilled operation without training. Featured with Infra Fusion technology and built-in illuminator lamp, it helps you pin-point the problem exactly in high efficiency. Using the NV384 makes your IR job easier.

TH700 Infrared Camera

Compact and user-friendly design, easy and comfortable operation.
384×288 uncooled microbolometer detector
Compact and sophisticated design
Easy operation
All perform at the same time