TH326/TH733 Infrared Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera TH326 with a high thermal sensitivity of 65mk can identify the smallest temperature difference from the object and display it by excellent thermal images. These cameras can locate the overheated / overcooled object instantaneously, and more details about the fault can be found by using our professional Thermal Imaging Analysis Software.

TH2707 Monitoring System

Integrated with high-resolution detector and advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, the TH2707 stationary on-line monitoring system is specially designed for electrical predictive maintenance applications. Featured with rugged housing, advanced image processing technology, and powerful analysis software, the TH2707 can offer 24/7 continuous non-contact temperature monitoring in rigorous environments.

TH4/TH8 Infrared Camera

Newly released by Thermocom, Inc. the TH series, using a new ergonomic design concept, are the kind of handheld IR Thermal Imaging Camera designed for Electric & Industrial predictive maintenance with detectors of 160 x120 and 384 x 288 pixels. TH4/TH8 displays great IR images through a convenient 3.6″ touch screen LCD at your fingertips.

TH3/TH7 Infrared Camera

TH3/TH7 new portable infrared thermal imaging cameras with two meters drop-resistant

The TH3/TH7 are newly designed handheld infrared cameras with resolutions of 160 x 120 and 384 x 288 respectively.

TH600 Gas Camera

The first uncooled thermal imaging gas detector GasVision384 in the world Milestone in gas detection industry.

TH640 Infrared Camera

TH640 is a creationary,advanced and intellective infrared camera provided by Thermocom, Inc.

Utilizing the latest generation high-performance IR detector with 640×480, the camera not only offers extraordinary high resolution…

TH700 Infrared Camera

Compact and user-friendly design, easy and comfortable operation.
384×288 uncooled microbolometer detector
Compact and sophisticated design
Easy operation
All perform at the same time

TH500 Infrared Camera

Advanced Performance UFPA hand-held Infrared Camera with:
384*288 Detector
Real Time Transmission
High Resolution 4.3″
Touch LCD Screen…